Platinum exploration in Guyana
GlobalMin LLC was formed in 2002 to organize and consolidate several mineral exploration, development, and mining opportunities that have come to the attention of GlobalMin principals Dr. Paul J. Lechler (geologist / geochemist) and John J. Van de Sand (mining engineer).  These are platinum-group element (PGE) ventures which generally also contain gold.  In certain areas of the Guiana Shield, diamonds and other, less-valuable minerals such as columbite-tantalite and zircon are present along with the PGEs.  Areas in the Guiana Shield are currently being explored under license to the Guyana government.  Excellent potential exists for the discovery of new lode PGE deposits in discrete areas of Guyana.  This project is beyond the "grass roots" phase and is ready for characterization and development of the high priority targets.